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Survios VR Arcade at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance
Del Amo Fashion Center
Survios Virtual Reality Arcade 
The arcade creates a shareable experience that combines VR technology and the thrill of social gaming by creating an environment that is constantly evolving, while bringing people together through immersive virtual entertainment. The Survios VR Arcade allows shoppers and guests to enter different worlds and games through the arcade offering premium VR technology without the commitment of buying a system for their homes and limitations of mobile VR.
At Survios, guests can play any of 25 games in its collection, using one of 10 HTC Vive headsets and controllers. 
The VR systems track player’s hands, head, and upper body movement in real-time for an immersive experience. Guests can play games solo or with friends on multi-player stations. Players can get lost in any of Survios’ award-winning games, such as “Raw Data” or “Sprint Vector” or select another game from its highly curated list.

Survios was founded in 2013 and is a Los Angeles-based virtual reality studio focused on building platform-agnostic, connected VR experiences with emergent interactivity, social multiplayer, and visceral play – best known for its “Raw Data” VR game. Leading L.A.’s VR scene, Survios plans to introduce a new VR experience called “Electronauts” in 2018, that will allow users to experience, remix, and compose their own music tracks, all while wearing a VR headset.

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