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Stoneyfield and Dr. Tanya Altmann Talk YoBaby and Nutrition

by selenash

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Brunch and YoBaby Yogurt

Stonyfield YoBaby hosted a beautiful brunch to celebrate and chat about their number one pediatrician recommended yogurt with Dr. Tanya Altmann.  It was held at the all-new Claudine Artisan Kitchen and Bakeshop  in Encino, CA.

There were, of course, lots of YoBaby yogurt and yoKids products for us moms to try out.  There is a saying that “we are our children’s first teacher.”  Due to this, they trust our taste buds some of the time.  I sampled a few and thought they were well flavored and sweet enough to get the health benefits of yogurt onto most kids spoons.

“Foundation Foods for Families”

We’ve all asked this question what should I feed my baby and as they grow the question becomes what should I feed my family?  Renowned Pediatrician and baby & child nutrition expert Dr. Tanya Altmann MD, FAAP shared her go-to foundation foods, that we all should implement into our diets on a regular basis.  I’ve listed her 11 Foundation Foods below:

  • Eggs, easy to prepare and a good source of protein.
  • Prunes, an excellent source of fiber and vitamins including antioxidants.
  • Avocados, (actually a fruit) are high in potassium, fiber, and other healthy fats.
  • Fish can be flavored with almost any seasoning and contains Vitamin D.
  • Yogurt, Cheese, and Milk, packed with essential nutrients like calcium and potassium.
  • Nuts and Nut Butters, delicious, healthy and convenient!
  • Chicken and/or Beans/Lentils (Vegetarian Alternative), a great source of protein and most kids will eat them!
  • Summer Berries/Winter Citrus, these delicious fruits are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Green Vegetables, Mom and Dad eat them and the kids will too!
  • Whole Grains, 100% whole grain-wheat should be a part of a child’s diet.
  • Water, kids can take this along as a lifelong habit.

Always nice!
Wall at Claudines Encino

Dr. Tanya Altman w/Stonyfield’s founder Gary Hirshberg

Stonyfield’s founder Gary Hirshberg discussed the launch of Stonyfield’s popular YoBaby & YoKids brands and Stonyfield’s passion for making clean, organic and wholesome yogurt for babies and kids.  He spoke passionately about how he and his wife created Stonyfield Organics out of wanting to feed their own family healthy and organic foods.  He also felt that brands should be being transparent with their consumer just as Stonyfield is with their ingredients and farming.


Dr. Tanya Altmann

A working mother and UCLA-trained pediatrician who practices in Southern California, Dr. Tanya Altmann is a best-selling author, network television parenting expert, and entertainment industry and child product industry consultant. Dr. Tanya is an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson, approved by the national physician organization to communicate complicated medical issues into easily understood concepts.


Stonyfield Organic

Stonyfield organic yogurts, smoothies, soy yogurts, frozen yogurts, milk and cream are sold in supermarkets, natural food stores and colleges across the country. They are all made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.


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