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NBC’s Making It Is Definitely For The Craft Lover In You

by selenash

Crafts and Etsy are a soft spot for me.  I’ve always loved crafts and even had an Etsy store once selling whimsical tutus.  I really enjoyed cutting and stitching together every color of tulle imaginable to create fairytale-like items for girls and women.  I miss the bright colors and creativity that comes along with making something.

If this sounds like you, tune in or set your DVR because you’ll want to tune into an episode of NBC’s Making It!

It’s for the craft lover in you or that you aspire to be.

NBC got the celebration going with a nice mid-day lunch at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.  Hosts were Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan and they are the judges behind the new show.   

The Show

Executive producers and show host are Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.  They bring about a refresher to reality TV, almost prompting you to turn off your TV and be created.

Making it is a creative take on reality shows with every episode of the competition consisting of two projects that allow the makers to demonstrate their specialized talent all while sharing personal stories of inspiration.
The Craft-ies on the show starts with a “faster-craft” round testing their ability to not only work quickly but imaginatively.

Next up, the “makers” enter the master craft collection, which is a “one-of-a-kind themed challenge displaying their  expertise in assembling a winning craft that fits the theme of that week.  There is, of course, that dreaded illumination process.

Introducing Dayna Isom Johnson

Dayna Isom Johnson has one of the best jobs in the world of creativity.  She is one half of the host on Making It and Etsy’s Trend Expert.  That means she knows what’s hot next when she sees it and from an Etsy point of view she unearths the latest and greatest designs, discover up-and-coming Etsy shops and showcase sellers with exciting stories.

She also has nearly 10 years of experience in communications, marketing and trend sourcing from fashion and lifestyle industries, holding a BS in fashion merchandising management from the beloved Fashion Institute of Technology.

I have to mention Simon Doonan the other half of the judging process.  He is very decorated in the fashion industry.  Currently, he is the creative director for Barney’s New York meaning that when you see a display in Barney’s and you’re thinking it’s the most beautiful thing ever.  Chances are Simon created it or gave it a thumbs up!

Be sure to tune in, Tuesday’s on NBC- premiering July 31, 10/9 c, because the season only runs for six episodes, yes short n’ sweet, but that’s plenty of time to get inspired.  Creativity is just one of those things that if you follow it, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.  I mean this in the best way.  Creating something is an art and a journey.  I hope you’ll be inspired to create soon.

This canvas tote was given after the luncheon, completely blank . I added the peacock for fun.

This is my “Making It” bag thank you to NBC!!

Thank you for hosting me NBC.

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