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Visit Knott’s Berry Farm, Experience Ghost Town Alive

by selenash

Living in the Wild Wild West through Knott’s Ghost Town Alive!

California has long hailed the name the Wild Wild West and holding a reputation for having some of the best amusement parks including Knott’s Berry Farm.  Ghost Town Alive at Knott’s Berry Farm will take you on a journey through time when we sifted through sand for gold, packages were delivered on foot by the Pony Express and bandits ran wild.

Ghost Town Alive is open for the summer until September 4.  We visited the good ole town of Calico and instantly noticed that we had stepped back in time.  (A bonus for my boys who are always in search of ways of to teleport to another place in time!)  Everyone was in full costume and character, the buildings looked authentic inside and out and we even walked on dirt roads.  The biggest news was that the Mayfield’s (the bandits) were back in town and the good ole townspeople were determined to capture them, especially one family member in particular.  Read on and you’ll find out who.  This was an exciting and action filled scenario constantly unfolding before our eyes.  Take a look below at moments from our day in Ghost Town’s City of Calico.  (by the way.  Calico Ghost Town is a real city in California!)

Tips to maximize your experience:

  • GET into character, wear comfortable western wear ( sneakers are still recommended since there were no cars in those days and Ghost Town spans for several blocks).

  • STOP by city hall to get the schedule of all activities and shows.

  • MAKE time to stop by the barbershop, Calico Gazette, witness a town hall meeting and pan for GOLD!

  • GO along with the task given; delivering packages and messages, etc. You’ll be glad you did.

  • ASK questions, the employees are super friendly and have insider tips too!

Welcome to Ghost Town! Here you’ll experience a life as a pioneer in the Wild Wild West.

We got into costume and the black bandanas meant we were a symbol of being a part of the Mayfield Family, the bandits.

One of our first stops the Assay Office.  Little did we know we’d go back and need their expertise on our findings.


He insisted on going into the barbershop.  I’m so glad he did, it was the most entertaining experience!

Pencil mustaches are for bandits! So here we go!

The results!  He was beaming with his mustache!!

We made a very brief stop here after all we we’re bandits and the sheriff was busy with his lock n keys!

The newspaper, once the only reliable source of communication to find out about all the happenings around town. Ghost Town’s Calico Gazette is complete with reporters and onsite printing of the town newspaper distributed daily.

A reporter was available to speak with us and the boys package delivery task were put into motion.

This is the inside of the Calico Gazette, her office or work space.

They were given instructions to take the package to the Pony Express (1860-1861)

They couldn’t resist a little mischief along the way.

Can you believe these two were classmates?!  Ok..they were for 20 minutes in The Old School House of Calico. 

So many details every where, making your Ghost Town Alive experience Awesome!!

Sanitation was a bit different back then,lol!  Hand washing or horses hydration station!

Knott’s Berry Farm is the best at pulling nature into their parks.

Whoa!!  We found something from The Raven!  A secret message that the Mayfield’s were casing the bank.  Hmmm…maybe we’re on the wrong team!

The Knife shop is full of all sorts of knives but the giant walking sticks really caught our eye.

The moment we were waiting for.  The biggest outlaw of the Mayfield Family, Tiny, was caught!

Since we witnessed the trial and had a say so in the Tiny’s fate, a Calico Gazette reporter is seen here taking a statement from us as a Ghost Town honorary citizen.

I’m in the paper Ma!  His statement and name were circulating for all to read.

You can’t go to the Wild Wild West and not look for GOLD!

This activity cost $10 and was well worth it.  You get the actual experience of panning for gold.

There’s real Alaskan 22 karat gold in that pan!  That smile, priceless!

Yours to keep!!  This container preserves your gold flakes for years to come!

We went back to the Assay office and they weighed our gold and told us it’s worth.  It was minimal, but it was only a small amount of gold flakes.

One of the entry ways to see Snoopy The Magnificent’s Magic Show!


Thumbs up for our ride on the BigFoot Rapids cooling down and experiencing transportation from the past.

Howdy folks!

The Calico Saloon in Ghost Town is family friendly, but back in the day it was only open for adults.

Show girls having a blast entertaining families.

Y’all come back soon:)

Fun for every season at Knott’s Berry Farm!

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