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Kathryn Hahn, Febreze Embrace the Imperfect Side of the Holidays

by selenash

 “I love the holidays, even the imperfections,” says Hahn. “Febreze has so many great holiday scents and products available so I never need to worry about yuletide odors ruining our festivities. My favorite is the Febreze Candle in Fall Pumpkin. I light it in my kitchen and pretend I spent all day baking a pie instead of just picking one up from the store.”

In celebration of the upcoming holiday season Febreze partners with Emmy-nominated actress, Kathryn Hahn, sharing #LiveNaughtySmellNice hacks.

After a crazy morning of getting the kids off to school, arriving at The London Hotel West Hollywood at Beverly Hills for an afternoon of smell goods and Bad Moms chatting about the perfect holiday scent was sounding like more of a trip to the spa than me simply covering an event.  Febreze’s suite was filled with their latest fragrance, Fresh Twist Cranberry, my new favorite.

Febreze has a full line of limited edition holiday scents available in Fresh Pressed Apple, Fresh Twist Cranberry, Fresh Cut Pine and Fresh Fall Pumpkin to keep homes fresh and festive all season long.  With proprietary malodor elimination technologies, Febreze products have the ability to truly eliminate odors and replace them with a light, fresh holiday scent.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Febreze and Kathryn are offering all the “bad moms” out there holiday hacks so they can #LiveNaughtySmellNice:

  • Hide and Sniff: In a completely expected turn of events, your in-laws have arrived 3 hours early and your house is a mess. Avoid a weekend of judgmental looks with a good ol’ fashion power clean before you answer the door. Shove that massive pile of laundry and junk into a closet (or, pro tip: under a bed) and spray the whole room with Febreze AIR in Fresh Twist Cranberry to instantly eliminate any lingering odors. Your home will look and smell like you spent all day cleaning, and if anyone asks, that’s exactly what you did.
  • Easy as Pie: Baking is so relaxing! Cleaning spilled flour from every nook and cranny, guarding the bowl of batter from your kid’s sticky fingers, o what joy! You could spend all day mixing and measuring, or you could pick up a premade pie and tell everyone it’s grandma’s secret recipe. Light a Febreze Candle in Fresh Pressed Apple and your guests will be none the wiser.
  • Pine-ing for Perfection: There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh cut tree adorned with sparkling ornaments and delicate rows of perfectly hung lights. Unfortunately, there’s also nothing more frustrating than picking pine needles out of your carpet and sopping up dirty tree water after your cat tried to climb his way to the star…again. Skip the mess without sacrifice. A fake tree can look just as festive, and they even come pre-lit! Finish things off with a spritz of Febreze AIR in Fresh Cut Pine and your holiday illusion is complete.

For more information about Febreze products, please visit Febreze.com.

About Febreze®

In 1998, Procter & Gamble (P&G) gave households a breath of fresh air with the launch of Febreze®, known today as the preeminent brand for providing a fresh, clean scent and eliminating odors from fabrics and the air.

Febreze® boasts a line of products with freshness capabilities that range from ridding of pet odors and tackling sweat stink to decorating the home with scent and freshening on the go. Febreze® continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in P&G’s portfolio of household brands and bring innovative products to market. Fresh air is an essential and basic human right, and that the air we breathe can give us “fresh starts.”

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