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DISNEY’S A WRINKLE IN TIME, Reshaping Reality. Theaters March 9

by selenash
The Power In Day Dreaming

The world is seen differently through a child’s eyes.  Daydreaming and an overactive imagination is a norm for me, especially when I was a kid.  You can escape confusing and complicated situations and come back to reality when you wanted too.  Making this a way to problem solve and/or learn about these sometimes confusing and complex situations that life can present.  Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time shows us how powerful our imagination or rather tesseracting can be.

Good Things Come in 3s

Lead character Meg Murry is the daughter of two scientist that believe they have discovered another planet and even better, they know how to get there.  Meg’s father tesseracts (to me daydreams) so powerfully that he disappears for four years before being discovered on this planet.  This is of course difficult for Meg, her brother Charles Wallace and their mother.  Her wishing for her father’s reappearance garner them a visit from three celestial beings born of stardust and are now pure light, offering to help her find her father.  Reese Witherspoon’s character appears first as Ms. Whatsit, Mindy Kaling as Mrs. Who and lastly Oprah as Mrs. Which.  Together they embark on a journey across the universe to find her father and along the way and save the universe from the eternal evil, The It.

The Power of Our Mind

A Wrinkle in Time is definitely for those of us that believe in fantasy and physics.  Much like believing that our thoughts are shown in the life we live and the world around us.  Take a scientist that believed that he could transport himself to another dimension if he thought on the right frequency and a child that believed she could rescue him by doing the same.  This all came to be but not without trial and triumph.  The wanderlust characters encountered evil and challenging situations that taught them to preserver through tough times and that love cures all hate and that light drives out all darkness.  This is the power of our mind in A Wrinkle In Time.

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A WRINKLE IN TIME opens in theatres everywhere this Friday March 9th!

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