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dbest Products introduce The Trolley Dolly

by selenash

At some point we all make purchases that more than likely require the use of plastic bags.  As Americans we are consuming more and more each year, which means an increased demand for plastic carriers.  These bags began to pollute the city so much that Los Angeles County, amongst the first in the country, issued a ban on plastic bags.  This change brought about inspiration for many local entrepreneurs.  One in particular is Richard Elden, CEO of the successful brand, dbest Products.  His company is the pioneer in the smart cart industry.

I caught up with him to talk about his latest addition, the Trolley Dolly.

Why did you add the Trolley Dolly to your already thriving brand?

We wanted to continue making products that have a core of functionality and quality.  There are upgrades with this model that would benefit the consumer as their need for flexibility and convenience grows.  Also adding upgrades creates the opportunity to reach a wider variety of consumers.  It was also important to us, that when adding a new product that we kept our price point as low as possible, making it available to everyone.

What makes the Trolley Dolly a perfect fit for Moms and Dads?

Parents are busier than ever!  They are constantly on the go and shuffling everything like sports equipment, toys, school projects, groceries and more.  The Trolley Dolly has more room and compartments for storage allowing for smarter packing and convenient accessibility.  All this can take a toll on your body which leads to another major factor in the design, it has an ergonomic handle allowing parents to pull heavier weight without the physical strain on their body.  Last but not least and a major component of today’s parenting world is style.  We incorporated the popular Chevron print in a variety of vibrant colors and are introducing a very chic moroccan print.

You can purchase your own Dolly Trolley at dbestProducts retails $49.99


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