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Art Battle, Los Angeles @ Exchange LA

by selenash

Art Battle, Los Angeles.

I didn’t know what to expect upon arrival at  Exchange LA in Downtown LA.

The show’s creator Simon Plashkes has taken his Art Battle vision all over the globe.

Countries like Canada, UK, and Amsterdam have all been home to the live painting competition.

Art Battle is unique in that you get to watch an artist “do their thing” on the spot, live and unedited.  The twist is having the opportunity to interrupt the process by watching it live.

Mistakes could be documented or could they, after all, it is art and being an artist in my own right, have learned that your creative expression doesn’t contain many mistakes unless you say so…but that’s a completely different conversation.

Downtown Los Angles was complete high energy.  It was a bit of a surprise to me as I walked into Exchange LA.  It’s located in the Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building constructed in 1929.  So it is complete Art Deco outside and inside Art Battle transformed it into a hip, and uber cool, underground painting temple for the brave at heart.

All of the art was sold through a silent auction and the proceeds donated to various charities.

I enjoyed the show.  My only suggestion is to add hip-hop music…there is something about hip hop and art, live art that just goes together to me.

Below is a gallery from my view.




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