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Angela Kinsey Talks Baking and Tall Girl

by selenash

We know Angela Kinsey from the hilarious sitcom The Office that lasted eight seasons. She’s also won a Daytime Emmy Award for her work on The Office: Accountants, which is a series of webisodes.

This time around Angela stars as a mom to Jodi. She’s a supportive parent and is always proactive in trying to help her feel more comfortable with herself — even trying a little too hard sometimes.

Tall Girl

Netflix had already worked with Angela on Hater’s Back Off and New Girl, so she was already on their minds. This seems like a natural progression to run the script for Tall Girl across her. Stewart wanted two actors who could embody Richie and Helaine’s warmth and humor. She recalls, “We just knew who we wanted, and we wanted Steve and Angela from the beginning. We knew we didn’t want to make Jodi’s parents tall because we thought it was funnier, especially for Steve’s character. Once Angela read the script she felt a connection to the characters that made her want to be a part of telling this story.

We were invited to a press event with Angela and decorated cakes at Duff’s Cake Mix in West Hollywood. While doing so we listened as Angela reminisced about the 80s classic movie Sweet Sixteen and how she felt like that movie spoke for that particular generation.

After reading the Tall Girl script she felt like this generation needed a similar coming of age movie with its own voice motivating the younger generations to be ok with being in your own skin. She wants her daughter to love herself just the way she is and to be comfortable knowing that however you were born is how you’re supposed to be.

Baking on YouTube

Josh and Angela are husband and wife, mom and dad but also bakers. In fact, they enjoy baking so much that they set up their own YouTube channel, Baking with Josh and Ange and record weekly episodes of them baking together. It is a labor of love for their all-new YouTube channel that Josh maintains

Based on a friends suggestion, Angela and her husband Josh started a YouTube channel. They do it all, baking, producing, filming Their baking channel was born out of Josh bringing baked cookies to the set of The Office.


Tall Girl

Jodi (Ava Michelle) has always been the tallest girl in school — and she’s always been uncomfortable with it. After slouching her way through life for 16 years and being made fun of by classmates, Jodi meets Stig (Luke Eisner), a seemingly perfect Swedish foreign exchange student who’s even taller than she is. Jodi’s new crush turns her world upside down and throws her into a surprising love triangle, but with the help of her two best friends (Griffin Gluck, Anjelika Washington) as well as her beauty queen sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter), Jodi comes to realize that she’s far more than her insecurities about her appearance have led her to believe. TALL GIRL, director Nzingha Stewart’s first feature film, is a heartfelt and hilarious coming-of-age story about finding the confidence to stop slouching and stand tall.



Directed by: Nzingha Stewart

Written by: Sam Wolfson

Produced by: McG, Mary Viola, and Corey Marsh

Starring: Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Luke Eisner, Anjelika Washington, Sabrina Carpenter, Clara Wilsey, Paris Berelc, Rico Paris, Steve Zahn, and Angela Kinsey

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