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All About the Guys at Grasslands Meat Market, Anaheim

by selenash

A South American BBQ Experience in Anaheim GardenWalk

Dad & Sons

I live in a house filled with males.  It’s new for me and I absolutely love it.  Growing up I lived with two sisters, my mom and dad and had a female majority dominated family.  So it’s a different vibe for me.  At times I just sit back and observe how they communicate with one another. Of course, they do basic things like laugh and occasionally yell at a basketball or football game.  But it is something in their demeanor and body language that speaks differently than us gals.  We live in LA County, so on our drive down to Anaheim, I told them I was going to take the back seat and just let them hang out and I document to share with my readers.  They agreed!

Texas Tastebuds

My husband and I are both native Texans, so by nature and Texas State Law, we love good BBQ!  Living in California has exposed us to many variations of what we’ve always thought to be “good bbq”.

Through osmosis, I think our sons have subconsciously acquired the same taste.  Honestly, I don’t think either of us believed that other forms of bbq existed.  Texans are really this arrogant about their bbq!  So know that we’ve opened our minds up to these new experiences and variations of bbq provided by Californians, it was too sweet to discover Grasslands Meat Market BBQ and Churrasco in Anaheim.  It really hit home for us.  The biggest catch is that it’s Brazilian BBQ!

I loved that they had an open kitchen layout.  From the chalkboards you could see what was available and it’s just something personal to be able to observe the handlers of your food.  Not like anything weird, but just to see that they enjoy what they are doing.  They enjoy serving and they enjoy food.  Our server had all of those traits.  She knew the menu well and had experienced most of the dishes and  flavors on the menu.  I’m glad she did because we wanted to make sure that we enjoyed what we ordered.

For starters, we had the small plate Rib Tips, appetizer Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Cheese Plate and BBQ Chicken Wings w/celery and carrots.  For viewing purposes, I also included pics of our sides, roasted vegetables, garden salad with dressings Brazilian Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch and Bleu Cheese and orange and cocoa flavored Creme Brulee.  All were YUM! The boys and I topped it all off with perfectly blended Shirley Temples.  My husband enjoyed a beer from the bar.

The Main Dish was the Family Style Dinner platter.  It included four types of meat and four sides.  Our included Picanha Churrasco, a sirloin cut steak rubbed with sea salt, roasted and served thinly sliced.  This was a favorite for me because it was very tender and well seasoned.  My husband favored the Skirt Steak Churrasco and the boys requested seconds of the St. Louis Pork Ribs.  Sides included were black beans, mac n cheese, french fries and a garden salad (shown earlier.)  I would say that this was plenty of food for a family of four.

We enjoyed dessert afterward and took in the Saturday night ambiance filled with families, laughter and good food.

Grasslands Meat Market | BBQ & Churrasco Anaheim GardenWalk 400 West Disney Parkway #199 Anaheim, CA 92802

Anaheim GardenWalk is an outdoor entertainment and shopping center located a block east of the Disneyland Resort in the Anaheim Resort District of Anaheim, California.

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